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Calisthenics SportAccord

The Calisthenics SportAccord is worldwide coalition of sport organizations concerned with the establishment of the official International Federation. With the Calisthenics SportAccord, countries unite to work together on the common ambitions for sports.

  • Universal sports standards
  • Establishing rules and regulations
  • Universal principles for integrity
  • Official and legal organizations
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Working in committees
  • Decisions are made in a democratic way
  • Work towards a recognized and Olympic sport
  • Following guidelines of GAISF and International Olympic Committee

Sport for a better world


  • Developing a global sport that motivates, inspires and activates people to exercise
  • Working towards a recognized and Olympic sport

Vision; Calisthenics For All

  • A world in which everyone – young or old – can practice calisthenics, competitively or recreationally and based on common values that promote fun and good sportsmanship. Sport and exercise are part of people’s daily routine to create a healthy and more social world

View the Calisthenics SportAccord presentation
Click here to download Calisthenics SportAccord – Presentation

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